Everest Summit Pool

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Everest Summit Pool

Award Winning

ESP has been consistently recognized for it’s high performance and also has also been voted a favorite pool. 

Consistent Rewards

Zero Fee

Delegator Focused

Pool Results

ESP Epoch 299 Result

ESP minted 1 Blocks in Epoch 299. The pool has generated 0 ADA with ROS of 0.0%

ESP Epoch 298 Result

ESP minted 0 Blocks in Epoch 298. The pool has generated 9170 ADA with ROS of 4.13%

ESP Epoch 297 Result

ESP minted 13 Blocks in Epoch 297. The pool has generated 12003 ADA with ROS of 5.54%

ESP Epoch 296 Result

ESP minted 17 Blocks in Epoch 296. The pool has generated 7775 ADA with ROS of 3.66%