Everest ADA Staking


Lets stake to the top.

We run a stake pool with a commitment to reliability, security and performance. With this commitment we are doing our part to keep the Cardano network secure.

Our Pool

Our Network

  • Top cloud providers (GCP, OC, AWS)
  • On-site hardware backup as needed
  • No limit cloud server config
  • Flexible server location
  • Node communicate within VPN only
  • Airgapped keys
  • Always online.

Always Online

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

Why Everest ADA?

We use flexible servers provided by some of the top cloud providers. We have instances running on Google Cloud and Oracle Clouds. With AWS as needed. Additionally, we have hardware onsite with top configuration and network if we ever need it. We are over prepared.

Our servers are not limited on the number of CPU cores or memory usage. Our server configurations can be changed as needed anytime and anywhere.

Because we use top cloud providers, we are able to deploy new nodes within minutes to any location in the world.

All Everest cardano nodes are behind VPN and firewall. We use wireguard VPN which is recognized as a industry standard in secure and fast connectivity. Security is our utmost priority.

All Cardano pools and wallets require signature keys to make changes. Which is why all keys that do not need to be online are airgapped and kept in a secure location. This insure even if our node is compromised, all we will need to do is destroy the server and boot up a new one with out compromising our pool operation. Even if you do not stake with us, ask you chosen pool operator if their cold keys are airgapped.

Our process ensures all nodes are online and working for our delegates without any interruption. Anytime a server needs to be restarted, we have a backup server that will pick up the downtime. We are always online, ready to produce blocks.

Always available

As a stake pool operator we are committed to be available for your questions or concern. Connect with us. We love to hear from you.